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Policies and Procedures



          The types of information to be included in the newsletter are: CHIES Association news, members' announcements of births, retirements, area trainings, etc.  Timely matters will be posted first.  CHIES Directors from each area should submit info to the Annalist in a timely manner.  (Amended 2-28-18)


          Nominations for an office must be submitted 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting.  After the election at the Annual Meeting, if a Director's position becomes vacant, then the current Director for that Area will obtain someone to serve in their position.  Refer to Article V, Section 1 Amendment, of the Constitution and Bylaws.  Nominations for an office must have approval from Agents and Area Program Director in the respective candidate's County Office and Area.  (3-7-01)



          The Extension District Board may pay for annual meeting expenses - travel, lodging, meals and registration.

          At the discretion of University of Kentucky policy, the Extension District Board may pay membership dues; however, the Extension District Board cannot pay to purchase CHIES marketing items, such as shirts and tote bags.  (Amended 2-28-18)

          There will be a $15.00 charge added to annual meeting registration to discourage late registrations.  (1-29-02)




          A packet to be given to new members will include:  constitution and bylaws, membership badge, membership certificate, a brochure of our history, names of officers and directors, and a list of marketing items.  (Amended 2-28-18)



          Each new member receives a CHIES membership pin badge.  After the first badge is given, (included with dues) replacement pins badges will be available at cost with member responsible for the cost.  (6-26-01) (Amended 2-28-18)



          The budget timeframe is to run from January 1 thru December 31.  (11-13-01)



          Upon the death of any CHIES member or immediate family (that being spouse, child or parent) a $25 donation will be made to our Community Service Project or to a charity of the families' choice.  The Director from that area will send a card letting the family know that a donation was made. (Amended 2-28-18)



          If a member receives a scholarship it may be used for annual meeting if needed (if the recipient has no professional development funds available) but not for marketing items.  Member pays up-front and can be reimbursed for expenses if they received the scholarship.  Also if a recipient has received a scholarship for a workshop they attended and the Extension District Board paid for, they do not have to reimburse the EDB Extension District Board.  (6-26-01 and 1-29-02) (Amended 2-28-18)




          Existing employees have until January 31st to pay dues (postmarked no later than January 31st).  New employees have 6 months from the date of hire to pay dues.  Late payments will be charged a late fee of $10.00  (Amended 2-28-18)



          The awards presented are as follows: Distinguished Service, New Achiever, The Good Friend, Communications, and Jovial.  Although an award can be won twice by the same individual, it cannot be won in consecutive years.  (Amended 2-28-18)

            Members who retire with 25 or more years of employment with the University of Kentucky will be awarded a plaque in honor of their service.  (Amended 2-28-18)



          The Community Service project is intended to increase awareness of, and sensitivity to, community issues and resources, and should benefit organizations and services other than Chi Epsilon Sigma.  While it is a good method of developing contacts in the community and State of Kentucky, it should also reflect the goals and ideas of Chi Epsilon Sigma.

          The chosen Community Service Project should be an organized, non-profit entity or service that meets community needs and helps to show that organization, as well as others, a sense of caring and giving by Chi Epsilon Sigma membership, which also reflects well on the University of Kentucky, College of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Cooperative Extension Service.  (Amended 2-28-18)

           Some examples of past Community Service projects are ovarian cancer, the 4-H Leadership Center, and the Tubby Smith Foundation.  Chi Epsilon Sigma will strive to continue and maintain a tradition of helping others through giving to its Community Service Projects.  (8-3-05)