Chi Epsilon Sigma

Operating Guidelines



 Serves on the Constitution and Bylaws Committee and the Annual Meeting Committee.

 Signs all certificates and documents of Gamma Chapter.

 Prepares meeting agendas and responsible for arranging meeting dates and locations in cooperation with other Board members.

 Sends letter of invitation to prospective new honorary member(s) for the annual meeting.

 Serves as Immediate Past President the following year.

 Represents the Fraternity as situations dictate.



 Assumes the duties of the President the following year.

 Serves as a member of the Constitution and By-Laws Committee.

 Arranges for the Treasurer's records to be audited.

 Chairs the Annual Meeting Committee.

 Serves as a member of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee.



 Updates letterhead after election of officers and directors to be distributed to officers and directors at first Executive Board meeting.

 Provides minutes of annual meeting to Annalist to be distributed with newsletter.

 Prepares meeting minutes for presentation to membership.

 Prepares and maintains correspondence of Fraternity.

Records of minutes may be stored in electronic form.



 Signs all financial documents for Gamma Chapter.

 Provides reimbursement forms for member expenses (travel, postage, etc.). 

 Sends letter of invitation and annual meeting registration information to current retired members.

 Serves on budget committee and submits budget at first Executive Board meeting.

 Receives membership dues and maintains a roster of dues-paying members.



 Maintains historical records of Fraternity.

 Compiles information on past officers, directors and award winners.

 Prepares and distributes newsletter.

 Maintains website and Facebook page and must be removed as administrator when term expires.



 Serves as chair of the Nominating Committee.

 Solicits nominations from membership to fill vacancies.

 Serves as chair of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee; arranges an annual bylaws committee meeting to review current bylaws and make recommendations to the Board.

 Keeper of Roberts Rules of Order Revised.

 Maintains file of bylaws and updates as deemed necessary.

 Responsible for maintaining contact with other state chapters.


II. DIRECTORSRESPONSIBILITIES (strongly recommend transferring records to each successor)

Responsible for sending cards of congratulations, condolences, etc., to members in their represented area on behalf of the Fraternity and remind members about annual meeting.

 Provides news articles for inclusion in newsletter highlighting members from represented area.

 Contact new employees in area represented to make aware of Chi Epsilon Sigma.

 Upon the death of any CHIES member or immediate family (spouse, child or parent) in their area, the director should notify the officers and request that a $25 donation be made to the Community Service Project in their honor.  The director will also send a letter to the family advising them that a donation has been made

 Perform other duties as requested by the President and/or assigned by the Executive Board.

 If a Director's position becomes vacant, then the current Director for that Area will obtain someone to serve in their position.




This committee will verify and establish the years of service with Extension for each new member. This committee will be responsible for the selection process and recommendation of the appropriate recognition for all awards presented by the Fraternity.

Members who retire with 25 or more years of employment with the University of Kentucky will be awarded a plaque in honor of their service.


 Chaired by Vice President and to include the President. The agenda, meal, speakers and guests, program and all other physical arrangements (name tags, seating arrangements, etc.) will be the responsibility of the committee. The committee can call on the directors and/or other members to carry out functions at their discretion.



 This committee will explore and promote professional development opportunities with the membership. This committee will also follow established criteria for selecting and awarding scholarships (scholarship selection guidelines, promote scholarship participation and conduct scholarship selection).  Other educational opportunities will be explored and professional growth for Fraternity membership will be promoted.



 This committee will plan social activities to enhance professional as well as personal involvement of Fraternity members on a statewide basis as well as encourage area activities.



 Chaired by Immediate Past President. This committee will secure nominations from the membership and prepare a slate for all officer and director positions to be presented to the membership. Biographical sketches will be obtained from each officer/director candidate and shared with all members prior to election at the annual meeting. The chair of this committee will also provide a listing of duties and responsibilities for each office position to prospective nominees.



 Chaired by the Treasurer.



Chaired by Immediate Past President with other members to include the President and Vice-President. This committee will be responsible for reviewing and updating the Constitution and Bylaws.

Revised 2-28-18