Benefits of Membership

Current Membership February 2020

2020 Membership Form  


Chi Epsilon Sigma Provides Opportunities to:

  • Enhance job skills with annual training opportunities
  • Develop leadership skills and serve in leadership roles
  • Earn scholarship awards for professional development workshops and seminars
  • Be recognized and awarded for professional excellence
  • Get to know other Extension staff members
  • Plan and participate in the annual meeting


Staff Should be Encouraged to be Involved for:

  • Personal and professional development benefits both employee and employer
  • Promotion of teamwork, which results in the advancement of Extension goals
  • Effective working relationships to improve the work environment
  • The morale, prestige, and respect of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service, which Chi Epsilon Sigma upholds


Possible Time Out of the Office:

  • 2-3 days a year to attend the annual meeting
  • 3 days, throughout the year, to attend Board Meetings, if they are an officer or director
  • Chi Epsilon Sigma event at the Dean's Staff Appreciation Day on UK Campus


How can you support Staff Involvement?

  • Encouragement! Remind them that you understand they are part of the Extension team and should have access to professional development.
  • Budget Professional Development funds for staff members to attend meetings


Chi Epsilon Sigma's Goals Benefit Everyone!