Award Winners 2019

New Achievers Award (6)

Judged by Paula Jerrell, 4-H Agent, and Tom Miller, Ag Agent, Ballard County

Pam Renner

Rebecca Ball

Janie Oliver – 1st

Robyn Edgell – 2nd

Tonya Gilbert

Emily Pruneda – 3rd


Good Friend Award (7)       

Judged by Kelsey Chadwick, 4-H Agent, and Brooke Hogancamp, FCS Agent, Carlisle County        

Cindy Maggard – 2nd

Cynthia Larkins – 1st

Cindy Sullivan

Jerleane Crace

Lorene Coots

Kimberly Faulk – 3rd

Deena Myatt


Jovial Award (4)                  

Judged by Robert Tashjian, County Manager, McCracken County

Mae Nash – 1st

Paige Alexander

Amanda Howard – 2nd

Corene Trent – 3rd


Distinguished Service Award (8)

Judged by Melissa Goodman, FCS Agent and, Hickman County

Salina Gibson

Stephanie Howard 3rd

Deena Myatt

Cindy Sullivan 2nd                                      

Angie Johnson

Lesley Miracle

Sherry Taylor

Sherry Taylor (She had two nominations)

Lorene Coots – 1st

Outstanding Program Award (5)

Judged by Bernita Cheirs, 4-H Agent, Fulton County

Emily Pruneda – 2nd                                  

Pam Renner

Meg Owen – 3rd                                         

Nan Montgomery -1st                              

Dawna Jace Peters

Communications Award (12)      

Judged by Denise Wooley, FCS Agent, Amanda Henderson, and Brittany Osborne, 

4-H Agents, McCracken County

Ashley Reynolds – 1st

Brandi Garcia – 2nd

Emily Pruneda – 3rd

Carla Graham

Elizabeth Horn                                                        

Joy McGinnis                                                           

Georganne Collins                                                 

Pam Renner 

Donna Napier                                                           

Kimberly Campbell

Megan Treadway

Nan Montgomery


June Johnston (1/9/19)                            UKREC                                          31

Sally Boulton (7/20/18)                           Ballard - Purchase                          30

Vernell Sheets (2/15/19)                         Morgan - Licking River                   14

Debbie Dunn (1/2019)?                          D4 Staff Assistant (Campus)          40

Ann Kennedy (8/18)                                Kenton                                            17

Kathy Clark ( Fall 2019)                         Mercer County- Fort Harrod            24      



 Congratulations to all who won awards!!!